Redwood Painting Safaris In Mendocino California

Redwood Painting Safaris 2010 Come with artists on holiday in Mendocino, California to paint the scenery and capture on canvas the mystery, light and sheer excitement of this plein air paradise. Our Painting Safaris are an exclusive chance for artists, experienced or aspiring, to savour the beauty of the California Lost Coast at a pace which allows you to appreciate the smallest details. Experience our great Llama Trek Paint Out! Travel to the famous Mendocino California Coast, set up an easel, see dolphins and listen to the sea lions while you paint. Dine beneath the stars at World Class Restaurants and sleep in luxury accommodations, complete with jacuzzis. Our Safari is an ecologically sensitive enterprise and a portion of your registration fee is a donation to The Redwood Forest Foundation, the sponsor of this great painting event. Available daily from May 1, through October 31 and thereafter by special reservation. Click here for more information.